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Friday, June 20, 2008
Fellow Toastmasters!

Deeply apologize for the lack of updates. However, the next big thing which will be happening at the Toastmasters Club of Nilai International University College would be...

all toastmasters of NUC shall attend the installation and all are welcome!!! please do come join us for our very first installation night!

Any enquiries, do call 012 944 8163.

Your presence will definitely be welcomed.

Thank You


Friday, April 4, 2008
Notice to all Toastmasters of Nilai International University College

5th Meeting
Time: 7.30pm
Date: 15th April 2008, Tuesday
Place: TBC

TMD: Nicole Phang, TM
TTM: Zhen Cui, TM
Gramarian/WoD: Louise Law, TM
Comedy: Lim Khai Hong, Burger, TM
AH & Gramarian Evaluator: TBA

Project Speaker
CC Project #1 – Luke Callistus Rayan, TM
ACB The Professional Speaker Manual #4 – Julian Gan, CC
CC Project #2 - Amos Tay, TM

The theme for the meeting would be MISMATCH! So come in different colour shoes, wacky hair with suit or anything at all! No worries, there wouldnt be any dresscode fines. Exceptions will be there. Project speakers, however are adviced to dress decently. Eheh.

Please take note that Guests are welcomed. Bring along your friends who are interested or approach the new intake students to come join us.

Thank You.

Have Fun with the New Semester!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last weekend was an eventful one, considering the fact that we’re all still on holidays, half of the population is back in college to help out and volunteer for the NUC’s Discovery Day – Open Day in other words. It was a good one, with unexpected crowd turnouts, and of course, the list of performances and programmes were splendid. Leaving us, students busy running around and guiding them to every corner of the campus.

So where did TOASTMASTERS came in? Our very own president, Gregory Sim and VPPR, Zen emceed the morning session of the open day, with funny expressions, simple gestures, and unexpected high and low of voices. Definitely a different approach for both of them considering all they do is speaking in meetings and of course in class with a quiet listening crowd. This is where the crowd determines where you stand, whether you are successful or not and whether or not you can move the crowd. Emcee-ing is definitely not a simple task, nor is it an easy thing to bring forward your courage to face a crowd of strangers, where they judge you instantly by every single move. Typical, but true.

So what’s up next? Our president, being the busy guy in the club, have participated in the District C2 public speaking contest. It was a competition whereby the good speakers in the district contest upon each other and then the winners will represent C2 to compete in the district level competition. President Gregory took part in the international speech contest, with the title ‘The Extra Plus In Life’. Now what is the extra plus in life? The video will up soon in youtube, those interested, please be patient.

The event was held in Hilton Hotel, PJ. Hosted by the Toastmasters Club of Hilton, PJ. It was a very organized meeting/competition with 4 international speech contestants and of course the mind-ogling Table Topics. VPE, Jeremy took part in the Table Topics and performed really well in the topic of ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. The contestants of the day were really experience and mature, both mentally and physically. We were the youngest club once again, with the youngest generation in the room itself. Thus, with the highly skilled and maximum experience shown by them, we faired.

This was really a brand new experience for us, both Jack and Zen were there as well to lend a support to our President and VPE. The interaction between the club members were unexpected as well, as they were many friendly toastmasters as always, always welcoming us to their meetings. Who knows? We might just be visiting one of them soon! Keep yourself updated!

Pictures Speaks Louder Than Words

That's us, ready to go to PJ Hilton, mind the dresscode. This is how we're suppose to present ourself. Note to all members: Wherever you go, please respect the event, function. What you wear determines how you bring yourself, how you respect the host and the function. First Impression Counts!

From Left: VPPR, Zen; President, Gregory; Treasurer: Jack All there to support our very own president. Though we're new, we're still eager to learn and try. No matter what the consequences or results are, it never hurts to just try. As long as you try with confidence.

Our president, with his speech. ' The Extra Plus In Life ' An inspiring speech. Video to be uploaded soon. Keep yourself updated here.

The champion for both International Speech Contest and Table Topics, Mr Stephen Fernando. He was a great speaker. Experienced, being the all time champion in public speaking. No wonder Gred and Jerm were intimidated.

From Left: VPPR, Zen; VPE, Jeremy; Michael Pang, President, Gregory; Treasurer, Jack This is all that went. Thanks for being there to lend a support to our Mr President and Mr VPE. Michael Pang is one of our mentor Toastmaster where we have got alot to learn.

That leaves us all to go back to Nilai in envee, of the 3 pots of flowers that they receive for role playing and participating. Thank You. ps: they walked around mid valley with it, and held it all the way back in the KTM to nilai. Let's all visit their room next week and see if the plant is still alive. =)

Reminder to all Toastmasters:

4th Meeting 1st April 2008 (no, its not a date to fool you, so please be there) 7.30pm – 9.30pm Please keep yourself updated with all the notices around and bring along friends who are interested or friends that you wish to inspire with the power of SPEECH!


Sunday, March 16, 2008
Fellow Toastmasters,

The website is created and up. So for future convenience, please bookmark this page in your browser.

The website will be updated frequently on all the ongoings in the club and outside of the club.

Our next meeting will be held on the 1st of April 2008. Members please be inform and watch out for the notices which would be paste up soon.

Visit the Toastmasters International(TI) website for more tips and tutorials.
Toastmasters International

or visit Help University College's Toastmasters to see how the meetings are run. We've made our visit at Help on the 15th of March. The review will be up soon.
Help Uni-College Toastmasters Club

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

VPPR, Zhen Cui


Toastmasters Club of NUC
        No 1, Persiaran Kolej BBN,
        Putra Nilai 71800,
        Nilai, Negeri Sembilan,

District No 51
Chartered 1st February, 2008

Meetings held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm
Membership open to all NUC staffs, students and alumnis


President: Gregory Sim, CC

VP of Education: Jeremy Teo, TM
VP of Public Relations: Zhen Cui, TM
VP of Membership: Nicole Phang, TM

Cheong Yee Mun, TM
Treasurer: Jack Tan, TM
Sergeant-At-Arms: Amos Tay, TM

Committee Member:
     Christopher Yong, TM
        Wong Loke Hui. TM
        Jonathan Ong, TM



Please feel free to drop by our meetings whenever interested or call us at 
016 8989308 for more details. 

Alternatively, you can write to us at nuc.toastmasters@gmail.com

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April 2008
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